growth & fellowship groups

Do you want connection and fellowship with a loving and welcoming community of God? Then join one of our Venice growth groups where you can grow spiritually and be encouraged as we journey through life together. Growth groups study the Bible, and learn how to personally apply biblical principles and lessons to our lives. There are growth groups for men and women, as well as youth and young adults. Each growth group may have its own format. But in general, there is Bible Study and/or discussion of inspirational or relevant Bible topics, sharing and prayer, and of course fellowship and fun. Find a group that fits your needs!  We would love to have you join us!

Men's growth group.jpg

Men's Growth Groups

TUES: 7:30PM - 9PM at Venice Church. Contact Wayne for more info.





Womens and coed growth group.jpg

Women's & Co-ed Groups

TUES: 7:30PM - 9PM at Venice Church. Women's group. Contact Kathy for more info.

TUES/THURS: 9AM - 11AM at a private residence. Co-ed group. Contact Paul & June for more info.

WED: 9:30AM - 11AM at Venice Church. Women's group. Contact Van for more info.


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Youth & Young Adult Groups

TUES: 6:30PM - 8PM at Venice Church. Co-ed young adult group. Contact Pastor Nathan for more info.

1st & 3rd FRI: 6:30PM - 8PM at Venice Church. Co-ed young adult group. Contact Linda for more info.

2nd & 4th SAT: 7PM - 8:30PM at various locations. Co-ed youth group. Contact Linda for more info.


For more information about our Growth Groups, contact Michelle.