Culver City Build Project Updates

November 2018

Thank you for your support! The purpose of this e-newsletter is to keep donors and interested volunteers from Venice Free Methodist Church informed about the Habitat LA project in Culver City.

November 1, 2018

Habitat LA and all of its volunteers have made a lot of progress at the Culver City site.  As you can see from some of the pictures taken at the October 6 build day, several houses now have second floors. Volunteers have been framing roof tops, installing insulation, and painting window frames.

jUNE 23, 2018

What a difference a month makes!  Praise be to God!  From the bare foundations to first floor walls, much progress has been made at the Habitat site.  To kick off the build, pastors and leaders from the sponsoring groups came out on June 6th to pray over the site, the families, and the volunteers who will buidl the homes.  On June 8th, Habitat LA hosted the "Hollywood Industry" Build Day and on June 9th the "Power Women, Power Tools" event.  As a result of these cvolunteer efforts, the first floor walls are now in place.

Volunteers were encouraged to write notes and prayers to the families on the wood beams.

The Westside Church Coalition will send out its first team of volunteers on July 7th.  The Coalition sponsored House #6 which will be the future home of the Mulvihill Family.

Venice fmc volunteers

The build dates assigned to Venice FMC volunteers are:

  • Saturday, July 7, 2018

  • Saturday, October 6, 2018

  • Saturday, December 1, 2018

  • Friday, March 1, 2019

  • Saturday, May 4 2019

Venice FMC will lunch to the volunteers on March 1, 2019.  We will need 5 volunteers to help prepare the lunch on that day.

To reserve a spot, please go to:

hab jaz2018.JPG
hab june2018.JPG

westside church coalition and     patience house

Venice Free Methodist Church has partnered with the following churches to form the Westside Church Coalition and to sponsor one of the 10 Habitat homes:

  • Westlight Community Church

  • Marina Christian Fellowship

  • West Los Angeles United Methodist Church

  • Westwood United Methodist Church

  • First United Methodist Church of Santa Monica

  • Culver-Palms United Methodist Church

  • SOMA Culver City

  • The Church in Ocean Park

The Coalition named the house it is sponsoring "Patience House" due to the long time it has taken for the project to reach this stage. However, the delays have turned into opportunities for dialogue, fundraising, and deepening relationships among the participating churches.

Mulvilhill Family


Habitat LA chose the Mulvihill Family to be the new homeowners of Patience House. Kaoru and her sons, Ryan, Mason, Trent and Kendall are active at Westlight Community Church and are familiar faces to many at Venice FMC. We look forward to working side-by-side with them to build their new home.



Financial Support

If you would like to support Habitat's Culver City project, you can make an online donation through this link:


Contact Dianne Tyau at 310-702-3556 or at